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An interactive social experience that can motivate you to work out at 6am.



YoPRO is made for those who try harder, day after day. For those who train longer and wake up earlier. That’s why Danone and COMON came up with the 6AM GAME, a big outdoor workout session, with personal trainers, live music, breakfast and post-workout recovery treatments, for everyone who dared to show up at 6am. We were about to start organizing everything, when the pandemic hit and we were all sent home. The event couldn’t go forward anymore, so YoPRO challenged us to rethink it. How could we appeal to an audience hungry to work out and compete, while staying home?



Our answer was the 6AM Club, an interactive social experience that happens in a dedicated mobile app and at YoPRO's official Instagram page. Participants are challenged to fight their laziness, by waking their competitive spirit, at 6AM, for an unprecedented physical game. 

In this experience, the app is the arena where training and competition takes place, while the Instagram page works as the catalyst for all the action, by narrating it, communicating achievements and defeats, stimulating the competitive spirit of the participants and feeding the curiosity of those who are just watching.

With such a daring promise, we needed a very strong aesthetic. For that, we built a visual system aimed to work in multiple platforms, that offered graphic support to the whole experience, while guaranteeing its consistency, homogeneity and visual personality.



With this amplified experience, we didn't reach only our core tribe, but also the ones who typically would run away from such an experience. We converted lazy users into amateur athletes because they felt the required motivation to change their lives. In just one month we had 18.000 unique app installs, more than 1.000 active users throughout the competition and an average of 350 users per workout that won more than 3.000 individual badges. YoPro also gained +1.568 new organic fans on Instagram.

But, more important than the numbers was the users reaction. They didn’t want the competition to end. When was the last time you heard this about a marketing campaign?

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